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Other Insurance

Everyone has a favourite way of getting around. That's why AA Insurance and our partners have a wide range of insurance policies to protect you, whether you're backing the trailer, riding your motorcycle or getting out in your classic car.

AA Insurance Products

MotorCycle Cover

Whether your bike is for commuting around town or savouring the freedom of the open road, you'll enjoy riding it more with MotorcycleCover. It's protection for people who love motorcycles.

With AA Insurance you can choose the option that best suits your lifestyle from MotorcycleCover Plus, MotorcycleCover Third Party and MotorcycleCover Third Party, Fire and Theft.

For more information download our Motorcycle Insurance Policy (PDF) document.

Caravan & Trailer Insurance

Caravans and trailers mean holidays and weekends, relax and take to the road with Caravan/Trailer insurance. Towing a caravan or trailer makes more demands on your driving, so you need an insurer that takes this on board and gives you cover to match the extra load.

For more detailed information download our Caravan and Trailer Insurance Policy (PDF)document. 

Vintage Car Insurance

Classic car owners have unique insurance needs. If you're a classic car enthusiast, you’ll appreciate RoadCover Vintage because we understand the special care it takes to keep a 30+ year-old car on the road. We offer truly superior protection for your pride and joy.

For more information view our Vintage Car Insurance Policy (PDF) document.

Our Partner Products

AA Life

AA Life offers a broad range of products to help meet the needs of you and your family.

Whether you need insurance to cover costs should you pass away, or to help you through recovery from an accident or illness, AA Life (New Zealand’s most trusted in life insurance), has you covered. 

Check out some of AA Life's most popular policies:


Life Cover

Life Cover provides a lump sum payout to cover funeral costs, living costs and any debts like a mortgage or credit card bills.


Funeral Cover

A simple and affordable way to help your loved ones pay for your funeral costs.


Cancer Care

Cancer Care Insurance gives you a lump sum of money to help ease the financial pressure so you can focus on your recovery.

Other life insurance policies

AA Travel Insurance

The New Zealand Automobile Association can provide you with the travel cover you need, whenever and wherever you go.